Your words don’t have to say what your actions don’t already

Entertain me this:

The sun waits for nobody and nor do the stars hide until we search for them. They run a tight schedule and yet no sunrise is the same, no starry night identical.

You are like a glittering piece of our celestial sky. You run a tight schedule. No day is exactly the same; in fact the days are sometimes very different. One day you wake up and your sunrise is a fiery red and the next day a grey like glass. However, every day that you wake up it holds true that you owe nobody an explanation. Whether you awake to the sound of drums or only the whisper of the wind, no person needs to know your rhyme or reason. Do you wake up and ask the sun why it rose again in another hue of dusty orange? Would it answer if you did? Does it need to?

And perhaps our fiery bulb wouldn’t know the answer to that question if we rose every day and asked the same question, patiently awaiting the answer.

You cannot make a person understand a feeling that you can put to words, let alone a subtle notion or wordly color that tugs at your being.

And furthermore, you (yes, you) were made in the image of God. The world is yours to give away, but to who and why is your business.


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