Leaving my mind, not the country

For the longest time I have felt such a huge desire to travel. I just want to be everywhere all at once. I only have so much time on this earth and it just seems to me that I should see as much of it as possible before I go.

However, in order to travel, you have to have money. My parents couldn’t agree on something monetary to save their lives so I’ve never been on a vacation and I can count on one hand the States I’ve visited.

Anyways, this was a pretty big source of grief for me for a while considering all my friends got to go places but for some reason my wanderlustrious self couldn’t get out town if I walked. Then, I went to my first real concert.

I loved music, and I still do. I like to sing and pretend I’m pretty good. But anyways, when I say my first real concert, I mean my first without my mother. Me and three other friends drove ourselves to a General Admission country concert, shoved our way to the front, and I even got on a stranger’s shoulders (turn up). Going to this concert practically opened up a whole new world for me. It was the closest thing to a vacation I’d even experienced if only for a few hours. I had nothing to worry about and I was free to let myself get a little bold, a little loud, a little crazy. And that was concert number two seeing an artist that I hardly knew. A little under two years later, I’ve seen 10 concerts and I’ve got tickets to two coming up.

Bottom line is concerts are special to me. They make me feel a certain way that I just cannot explain and though I still have a thirst to see the world, I no longer feel the insatiable desire to force my family into a vacation (Why do they need forcing???? Believe me I wish I knew) because when I go to concerts my mind takes a little vacation of its own.


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