I get into the most interesting mood sometimes. Maybe everyone does. I hope everyone does, and that I can find someone to talk to me when I get into mine. 

Anyways: I just want to be inspired. I want to listen to songs I’ve never heard before, find a new band I really like. I want to take a road trip across the country and leave in 2 hours. I want to fast forward three years and study in Spain and write everything down. I want to have opportunities to travel and write, meanwhile having responsibilities and maybe even getting paid. I want to meet people and drink tea and watch the sunrise in another city. 

I want to inspire other people. I want to say things, write things that make people stop for a moment and think about the life that they are living and the life they want to live. I hope I live the life I’ve always dreamt of. (Excuse my preposition at the end of my sentence guys) [wow you know you’ve been writing too many formal pieces when..]

And all while I’m thinking this I’m saying an internal prayer that I can open my eyes to the blessings of today. It’s so easy for me to go through the motions and wait for the next event, if you will. I take care of what I need to take care of until the next concert, conference, or mood like this makes me come alive. Every day spent waiting for today to be over. So I pray that I can not do that… ya know? I just want to take time to sit down and take everything in. Life’s always changing. In the fall, I’ll be moving out of my home and into a college dorm only to move back out four years later. AND that’s just what I’m expecting. God only knows if that will be what actually ends up happening. But right here, right now, I could turn my music up a few notches and hear the sweet voices of my loved ones yelling at me. And what a good feeling that they’re right there. AM I RIGHT?!?! And that pile of clothes in my closet. It’ll never look exactly like THAT. What a beautiful pile of clothes, begging me to take care of them.

And as I evaluate this mood of mine, I just want to tell someone about it. I’d TELL THE WORLD if I could. I want to have an intelligent conversation with someone about the future and all the possibilities that that word ensues, that my LIFE ensues. 

But what I’m just now realizing is that in this mood I thirst for inspiration but in reality I’m feeling as inspired as ever. In my experience, I think that’s the way inspiration works. Can’t ever get enough. 


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