A rant about trust issues

I didn’t ever understand trust issues until I realized I had them. You see, they’re always painted as “I like you but you’re not allowed to love me cause I don’t trust you bc trust issues.” So naturally, any onlooker is like “WTF stop bein a lil bish n let him love you.”

But what people don’t understand is that trust issues can come from almost anything and be applied to almost anything. There aren’t rigid constraints and origins and when it comes down to it they’re not something you can easily prevent or subdue. When he tries to make a joke and you get mad, you can’t help that seeing the poor intentions of men in society made you think poorly of his. It just happens.

Another common misconception of trust issues is that when you have them, significant others stay and say “don’t worry you can trust me,” and then help you get rid of them. In many situations, trust issues cause repetitive and excessive conflict (and we all know what that means).

I just think that “trust issues” have become so cliche and dramatized that it takes away from the real issue, this issue being that people shouldn’t be expected to learn from society and act naiive at the same time.


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