A word about consideration

Have you ever felt like someone was just very comfortable around you? It’s like they know that they don’t have to do anything to keep you around so they stop trying to impress you. In some respects, this realization can be euphoric. In the beginning of relationship or friendship, you’re just trying to get to know the person and so when you discover that they can really be themselves around you its feels amazing.

On the other hand, this realization can also crush you. This individual feels comfortable enough to show you every side of them, even the ugly monsters that come out and bite.

What draws the line between these two interpretations I think is consideration. It means a lot when you can show your true colors around a person but whether that person interprets it to be good or bad has everything to do with your consideration for them. Once you start being a fair-weather friend, using words like daggers masked by “just kidding” or “take a joke” and starving them of attention, you lose all sense of accountability for your actions. This is no longer a gesture of endearment, this is a blatant display of taking them for granted.

Be nice to your friends. They love you.


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