I feel it


Graduation Day.
It’s kind of strange.. because over the course of four years it’s something that you know is lurking in the future, suspended weightless in the depths of future plans and seated amongst other so called certainties such as moving out and owning a car. It’s been an event unwritten in the lines of the Lilly Pulitzer planner you were destined to buy your senior year until you finally covered destiny’s invisible trace with your own black ink (or blue, or purple, if you prefer).

It’s the final graduation. The culmination of all the graduating moments in the last four years. Like when you thanked the Lord for graduating from World Civ with a passing grade or graduated from underclassmenship and the slums of the student section. The last time you’ll ever graduate from anything in that same place with those same people and every day after that you start a new chapter of graduations, wherever they may be. My point is, you spend your whole life having little graduations but the final graduation of a period of time in your life is truly something to feel. You may be crushed or ecstatic or a bittersweet combination of the two but you’ll feel it.


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