Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold

I think there’s something to be said for good people. Ya know?

The ones who think highly of you and let you know. The ones who aren’t afraid to do something a little ballsy, and invite you along. The ones who never disappoint when you need a vent sesh or a little advice. The ones who remind you you’re alive. Those people.

It seems that in the last couple years I’ve found so many people who I could spend endless quality time with. We don’t get together all time because, well, life. But whenever we get together, we catch up, and it seems as if we could hang out every day and never ever be fully caught up because life doesn’t stop and neither do our minds and we want each other to know every thought.

The emotional connection is 200% there and it’s something so precious that if I weren’t so confident in it I’d be afraid to lose it. I’d drive hours. And maybe it’s been years since we’d last caught up, but we’re not nervous because our relationship is ageless; it freezes in time between coffee dates and putt-putt golf. In a few years, those few hours in the car may become a plane ticket or a road trip but its a bond that I can’t imagine losing.

Or so it seems. There are friendships that have dwindled in past years. Ones I treasured. We changed; we grew in different directions. But as I watch from afar I always think “It’d be okay if she came back.” And it’d be more than okay, but it’s not probable and sometimes my heart still aches.

To the friends that continue to put the puzzle of life together with me; and to the ones who were a piece of my puzzle but are now are their own journey.

“Lol it’s 8 guys and me right now” “It’s okay cause you’re Mary”

I jumped into the ball pit. Correction: dove. I dove into the ball pit. At Walmart. Head first.

Forty dollars of sushi later 


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