My favorite pita

I get really frustrated with my boyfriend sometimes. He exhausts me on multiple levels and at times I almost feel as if I can’t take it anymore.

And then one time I heard something. I don’t remember who said it or when but they were talking about their own significant other and they referred to them as his/her “favorite pain in the ass.”

And I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this yet but then it occurred to me. WHO ELSE would I rather spend my thoughts, energy and even frustration on?? He may be a big fat pain in my ass but he’s my favorite pain in the ass.

Like I said, it’s really a wonder I didn’t have this epiphany until now. My grandpa used to call me a “pita” (pain in the ass) whenever I’d see him. The phrase itself has become a term of endearment between us.

When you think about it though, it should be that way with all of my pitas. I wouldn’t exert energy for them to be a pita if they weren’t worth it. Right?

It’s a wonder what a little perspective will do.


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