Not asking for it

A while back, I was having a discussion with a teacher at my school about a recent rule banning leggings (worn as pants) from school dances. Something I read recently reminded me of the incident.
[Sidenote: I attended a high school that wears uniforms so the topic of usage of yoga pants, etc. does not come up much.]
Anyways, Mrs. H was explaining this rule to a few of my peers I at the dance last Friday. She was explaining that it is inappropriate to wear anything that shows off an underwear line or how much your butt jiggles in public let alone at a catholic school event. This much I understood. (Understanding: not to be confused with agreement. Appropriateness is relative to opinion.)
However, she then continued to say that another reason that we females should restrict our wardrobe is because boys simply cannot handle leggings. This is where I started twitching a little inside getting irked. Since when is it a female’s job to control a man with her clothing? Not to mention, half men can’t control themselves when women AREN’T in leggings.
Just wait, it gets worse. Then she goes on to relate the famous rape culture controversy.

“Women who dressed in skimpy clothing and then got raped were asking for it and there’s no way around it.” Never did I think I would hear that from another female. I understand that as a mother of a young daughter she wanted to restrict what her child wears. But it also deeply disturbs me that as a mother of a young son as well, she is not equally concerned about teaching him to respect women no matter what they have on or how much they respect themselves.


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