On Setting Yourself on Fire to Keep Others Warm

Look, its me
Look, its me

It was one of those gradual slopes that drops off at end

A casual flame at first

My heart on fire with passion

a metaphorical flame if any

But not only did I want you

I wanted to want you and

you wanted to be wanted

So it grew three dimensions

And started to burn

Like soap in your eye or lemon juice in a cut

We started to notice

And it turned us on

It turned me up

We made the flames burn hotter because we impressed that they were burning

And before we knew it

I was encompassed

I didn’t ask you to sacrifice yourself he said

Or burn yourself at the stake for me


and you never noticed that I was drowning in the heat

I needed you to notice my suffering

But you didn’t

Because I didn’t ask you to save me

And even if I did beg you for help

You’d probably never freeze us over to cool me down



He asked me to keep him warm

The match was lit and I had paper skin

It seemed romantic



Persistent and dedicated

Everything a girlfriend was supposed to be


But now my flesh is charred

My blood is boiling

I spoiled you

Warmth isn’t too much to ask

And my system has overheated

Like when you leave your cell phone in the bleeding sun

And have to dismember it and fan it to recover it

I dismembered myself and tried to fan my flames dry

But I forgot to remove myself from the oven

Its not my fault he said

I didn’t ask you to set yourself aflame

But you used the warmth

To survive

I saved your life

You’re right

You didn’t ask me to kill myself in the process

But that’s all I could do

I loved you more

Because it was easier to save you

Than to admit I needed saving

You didn’t ask for too much

I just didn’t ask for enough

They say toxic relationships are like sitting in boiling water

No person

In their right mind

Would tolerate being thrown into a boiling pool

They’d cut off the toe they burnt testing the water

And never come back

But if youre invited in

And the water is just below room temperature

Some heat is welcomed

And the warmer it gets

The more comfortable you become

But soon the water is boiling and you can’t help but look back and long for the time when you were shivering in the same pan

So now that I’ve dumped the water down the drain

And rolled on the ground a little

You’d think I could offer some insight

If you find someone you love,

Be romantic



Persistent and dedicated

Save them

Do whatever it takes

If it wastes your time and energy

At least you have practice and

If they’re worthy of saving,

They’ll save you too


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