What I couldn’t say in 140 characters

I read a tweet once

(shocker, right? good story)

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option”

hmm editors note: insert eye roll here

Disclaimer: I get that you should stand up for yourself and do what’s good for you

But, if you can see the good in yourself,

and understand that there is weight in that truth,

you can see the good in others too.

you can make priorities out of anyone, you just have to keep in mind

that that does not entitle you to a text back, a dinner plan or wave.. hi

you and I

we can expect nothing in return.

and especially not a midnight kiss in the daylight because they see the stars in your eyes

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option”

see the flaw in this statement is that priority is not singular

A priority

one of many,

pretty pennies they come in cliques

and you still have to pick which is worth the most effort, and the most effort first

see priorities are still options

and as we’ve got the liberty to create all the options in the world

I encourage you, STRONGLY actually(!!)

to make anyone that you care about a priority.

wait wait wait



have the liberty to care about the barista who always sings peoples orders

even though he’ll never remember the name of the girl who sits

in the same corner

every tuesday, fits

right into his melody

make people important regardless of their importance

but that’s just a suggestion

don’t let me force you to love yourself now

ya know tweets like this are really good at helping people victimize themselves

but the truth of the matter is that if you’re retweeting this you (or someone you know) has been put on that shelf

to watch somebody else

get the attention you thought you deserved

you thought that you earned



set yourself on fire to keep hIM WARM

ive been there

And your heart might have broken but you were so beautiful, so valiant.

you were art because art is love

BUT you were also the artist and you KNOW it was your fault

you assumed

you assumed he’d be there, you assumed he cared more.

You should not have assumed

or better yet, you should have assumed otherwise

set free the butterflies who care not who sees them flutter

You should have loved freely,

because real love has no ultimatums

and to tell someone they must love you in return is not to love them but to love a love for yourself

If you had loved freely you would see that you are not the victim.

You are the hero, the soldier, the conquerer, and the adventurer.

For it is so easy to care about those who throw rocks at your window.

But there is something so much more beautiful, so much more real,

in adoring the romeo in yourself

who rolls boulders through open doorways


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