lyrics that know me

My favorite part about music is that it makes me feel. It makes me feel lots of things, really, and my favorite songs are the ones that I feel the deepest, the ones the that seem so tangible and yet so bodiless. Like the concept of a value: abstract, yet exemplified in choices and in reactions.

The best songs are the ones it seems your mute heart paid the songwriter to construct; the ones that connect the dots in one fluid motion, filling in the lines. The best songs are the songs that know me, the songs that wrote themselves about me on someone else’s command.

You were made to meet your maker. [Mumford and Sons]
Pain is only relevant if it still hurts. [Ed Sheeran]
They will see us waving from such great heights, “come down now” they’ll say. [Postal Service]
Fall in love with every stranger, the stranger the better. [Hozier]


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