Things I’ve learned from Burd

Once upon a time, I got a job in a jewelry store. Not Jared’s or Zales, this was a family-owned jewelry store in my hometown. One of my bosses and owners of the store is a man named Burdett, known around town for his incredible talent at custom jewelry design, and by me as an incredible role model. I only work on holidays now, but there are so many lessons of his that have stuck with me. Here are a few:

1) Burd told me after speaking with Sister Nancy that if we want to teach someone something or give them advice we don’t say “you,” as in “you should break up with someone who doesn’t treat you right.” When we say “you,” as opposed to “we,” it makes us seem above our own advice- which makes whatever we’re saying un-helpful

2) If you think you see someone you know but you’re not sure or if you think that’s your neighbor that just pulled up next to you HONK WAVE SMILE SAY SOMETHING DO SOMETHING. Why? Because there’s a reason you noticed. And even if its not your neighbor or friend, God wanted to give you an opportunity to make that friend or chances are, you would not have noticed.

Furthermore, like someone’s watch? Ever think someone’s outfit is cool? Ever want to know how someone got their hair like that? Tell them, ask them. People are like mirrors. You be nice, they’ll be nice.

3) You play the game or you don’t. You can know your charms and practice and study to be the best salesperson possible or you can punch in and out and earn your salary. It’s not to say that one way is right and the other is wrong but the more you invest in anything, the more that becomes of it. Opportunities, respect, fellowship, you name it.

Thinking about it, I think I learn so much from him because he learns so much. It’s interesting too, because he has a quote on his cork board that says something along the lines of “when you talk you only repeat what you know, but when you listen, you have the chance to learn something new.” He’s an avid listener, but he’s done enough talking to make my listening profitable. Thanks, Burd


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