The omnipotent “she”

I love the phrase “That’s all she wrote.”

Dad always used it as an expression to describe the end of something.

Track meet ends

Time to leave the restaurant

High school graduation

“That’s all she wrote”

Of course the saying is meant as if there was nothing more for “her” to write about

The function has ended, the task completed, and so she hung up her pen


But I like the saying so much for the thought that maybe

she didn’t stop writing because it was over,

it was over because she stopped writing.

She stopped writing and so the people stopped reading

they lived for her writing so without it, they couldn’t go on

Because I imagine she’s a fiction writer and not a journalist

The story relies on her and not she on it

She stops writing when her brain is tired

or her laptop dies

or she can no longer see through her tears

but never because the story demanded a halt..

that is, unless she imagines a bright red stop sign


Which makes me think-

why did she stop writing?

How long did she stop for?

How do you know she stopped writing?

Are you sure she didn’t continue on a page that blew away in the wind?

Are you sure she didn’t continue three lines down in code?


I’d like to think more about this

But right now I’m tired,

so that’s all she wrote


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