the first stage is denial

I keep trying to tell myself

that things are different but they aRE NOT BAD and

Usually I’m pretty gullible

but not this time.

summer says hello to covered necks and colored leaves

pretty little things on trees

and then it get’s ugly

with bare branches and practically winter already?!

things are different like that: a little like fall

I know you said I’d need a coat but NOW I know you meant it

Sure I was getting sick of the heat but at least I finally knew what to expect of it

a little like fall

But ONLY a little

because there won’t be a pretty part again next year

And the leaves aren’t burning to gold

not for me

no alchemist here

I went to this cave once, some historical place

and entering it was

finding echoes and losing your hand in front of your face

because the lamp is over there

and you’re not

you’re here

I’m here

in this cave

trying to tell myself

that I’m not sad and that things are not bad

even though they are very different

and they are not better

and I already told you

I’m usually pretty gullible

but these heart thermometers between my spaces

do not fail.

My pen tells me what I already know:

that I am upset because this house feels empty

and maybe I do too.

stay tuned




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