The one where she’s still emotionally unstable

The trouble is that I can’t stop thinking about you

and I know that it’ll only get worse

when I can’t hold you

and I can’t tell if its your manhood or

that I’m driving you up a wall or

that I really do love you more

but I can’t see it in your eyes

that you’re afraid for me to go

and I can’t tell if you’re alarmed that

you won’t be taking me home


I’m homesick, so homesick

at the thought of leaving you

and I’ve chosen not to be hopeless

but I’m confused, so confused


I think it’s just my coping with your

man of so few words

sometimes I wish you’d put him in your pocket

and tell me stories about your world

but your world is only yours with that little man in it

with his fingers on your mouth

saying “hushh don’t let her in it”


Do you wish my little woman had big hands too?

and sat up on my shoulders

zipping me up

like glue

instead of tying all the rope

to make a big long lasso

words around your neck

come closer, don’t you want to know?


I’m not sure that you do

that’s the whole conflict

start to finish

I know that you’re just an incredible listener but my demons

they won’t relinquish

they say I talk too much

and cry too much

not your family again, aren’t you finished?!

My demons also tell me I need too much reassurance

A good girlfriend would trust that he has all the best intentions

and never listen to her demons

never write this poem



editors note: if you’re reading this and you love me, it’s not your fault


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