The evening of Christmas, laying in my bed. Realizing that in about two days I will have left the country. Thanking God for sending his son on this day such that I can choose. Choose to accept the unconditional love of a perfect savior. Choose to say yes to all that he has in store for me: a trip to Spain, with a few fun stops along the way.

I fly out of Detroit early Wednesday, December 28th, and arrive in Paris the morning of the 29th. Two days to go and it still hardly feels real. Goodbyes haven’t really felt like goodbyes, and I’ve only really had one moment of sadness for the distance to come between my parents and  I. I’m a little scared it’ll hit me like a ton of bricks, but I’m hoping it’ll go the way college did. When I first left for college I felt very disconnected from the situation, but by the time I realized that THIS was my life as a college student, it became something so wonderful that I couldn’t be anything but happy and grateful. 

Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers. Adventure awaits.


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