Day 1

Well, today’s the day! Today’s the day I say goodbye to my family, my home, and my country and embark on my grand adventure.
My parents and brothers brought me to the airport to send me off with well wishes. Dad prayed over me and mom’s eyes told me she’s proud. With cheek kisses from mom and dad and bear hugs from the boys, I was actually a little surprised that no tears were shed. I can’t deny that I’m going to miss them to death. Although, I figure that to do any justice to all the people in my corner, I can be nothing but excited in this very moment. Furthermore, my mom reminded me just last night that I am not going on this trip alone. I’m bringing my best friend, my roommate, and my grandmother. Every person who has cheered me on and encouraged me as I pursue my dreams will accompany me first class if I dare to look inside myself. [I know what you’re thinking, yes, that’s a lot of people in a small space. It’s no mystery why my heart is so full.]
As we said our goodbyes, my older brother slipped me a $100 bill, asking that I buy expensive wine in his honor. I feel nothing right now but appreciation and anticipation. Appreciation for people like Nate and anticipation of expensive wine.
—–12 hours later—–
Memorable moments from my first red eye:

Slight delay

Kelsey ending up in the seat next to mine after communicating with some French people via hand gestures

Struggling to fit our carry on luggage in a manageable position

Drinking two glasses of white wine with my chicken nuggets before bed. I’m 21, I promise.

Sleeping soundly for two hours and then struggling lol who decides morning on this plane???



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