Rollos de Semana Uno (y otras cosas)

Or, challenges of Week #1 (and other things). One of my first assignments by my grammar professor was to start a personal “dictionary” including all of the colloquial words I learn inside and outside the classroom. One of the first words I recorded was “rollo: pain in the ass” (so maybe I censored that first sentence… yeah yeah). This week has been extraordinary. Full of adventure, but also full of difficulties I didn’t necessarily see coming. Here are a few:

1. MY HOUSE IS FREEZING. It’s probably ~60 degrees Fahrenheit in here. Seeking out slippers, I shiver in my sleep.

2. Winter is so mild!!! This one is not quite a rollo but it’s ~50 degrees F outside everyday and people here think it’s so cold. News flash: this is about 30-40 degrees warmer than home for me.

3. Where is the coffee?!? I don’t suppose everyone has this issue, but my host parents aren’t coffee addicts and I certainly am. RIP while I figure this one out.

4. Organization. My program was very poorly organized. So much so that our host parents didn’t know our names, let alone my roommate’s food allergies. Just today, three days in, we found out our address and the actual names of our host parents. Lol oops.

4. Who turned out the lights???? First, let me disclose to you that Constan, my host dad, does most of the talking. He’s very knowledgeable and this is all great, except that he speaks quickly and quietly. He showed us a control box to use in case things don’t work, but for the most part we nodded in semi-understanding hoping we’d never need it. Then last night, day two, Kels blew a fuse (I’m guessing??) blow drying her hair and there went all of our power. We tried to use the box thingy like he said but had no success. The lights came back on around 6am, I’m assuming because Constan woke up and fixed it. Nothing has been said since. Again, lol oops??

5. Who are my padres??? The more time passes, the more basic I realize our preliminary introduction was. And they don’t really know much about me either…lol

6. Where do I live???? I know my street name, but we’ve yet to ask them for the address. This is awkward, no?


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