Updates. Crucial ones.

On the first week, I disclosed to you all some things that were relatively troubling about my time here in Spain. I know you’ve all been holding your breath, but rest easy as the following issues have been relatively resolved:

  1. Coffee: Our madre had been offering us instant coffee for a week or so, but we didn’t really get the impression that she or padre drank it. This was because 1. Instant coffee and 2. They make it with milk (??? so like more weird???). But later on, she made a comment about how she doesn’t know how we get through the day without it, and that she has some every morning. That was a HUGE “Aha!” moment for Kelsey and I, and I was then able to explain that yes, we are coffee addicts, we are just accustomed to coffee from a coffee machine. She nodded understandingly as she often does and we didn’t really think much more of it. THEN, on Sunday night, we walked into the kitchen and LOW AND BEHOLD, A COFFEE MAKER. It was obviously used and Kelsey and I got the impression that she maybe got it from work or a family member. The sight made our whole day, we were ecstatic to finally have coffee. The only downfall is that she makes like 10 cups at a time and then we heat it up for three days. So old coffee, but at least coffee right??

2. Lights: After the third time that the power went out and Kels and I were helpless, Constancia explained more clearly how to fix the problem. Granted this was the next morning after he woke up to no power again, so it was kind of awkward. However, we are now proficient operators of our breaker box, and know that if we can’t figure it out, he would prefer us to call him and wake him up.

3. Info about my padres: I knew very very little about my host parents after week one, but I’ve found out a few more things.

We didn’t really know their names, but after a couple of statements-in-passing, help from a friend who has lived with them, and snooping at the mailbox, I can confirm 100% that my host dad’s name is Constancia and my host mom’s name is Victar. Spanish last names are a little confusing, but those were also on the mailbox, luckily.

They have two daughters, who are 36 and 37. One is Christina (unsure about spelling), and she has two sons, Nicolas (aka Nico) and Martin. They are 2 and 5 (??), respectively, and so so adorable. The only thing that’s a bit confusing is that one of the last names used is Martin. We’re pretty sure that’s the last name that Victar got from her dad, so we’re not entirely sure if it was handed down to her grandchildren, but like I said, just confusing. Is Martin’s last name (or one of them) also Martin? Or does his last name not include Martin but they wanted to keep the name in the family? Or was it just random? Who knows.

We also know that our host parents daughters work at the same place that they do. Although, for the longest time we were unsure whether they’re doctors or hairdressers. Yes, you heard me correctly. When constan described what they do, the only word we caught was estético, a word we had seen advertised on both clinics and hair salons. Though, we now know that they met and started working at a very young age, so our assumption is hairdressers. Still searching for confirmation on that one.

4. Where I live: as I mentioned above, we found our mailbox, where the address is posted in the format to send something. We never formally asked about receiving mail, but Kelsey had her mom send her card in the mail according to the address we saw and it arrived. Go us!!!

Holla @ having basic knowledge, am I right?!


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