Just running with it here

Being here in Spain, I’ve found that I have an astounding amount of free time. Taking 13 credit hours of classes that don’t give much homework really is as easy as it sounds, trust me. I’m used to having a MUCH busier academic schedule at home, with lots of added extracurricular activities as well. SO, in pursuit of something to fill my time, I’ve decided to pick running back up.

Quick history: I used to like to run for exercise up through middle school and high school. I participated in track and always enjoyed it. However, coming to college, exercise basically fell to the very bottom of my list of priorities. I had better things to do, as I am generally more concerned with developing my mind than my body. My body is just my shell for these 100 years, whereas my mind shapes my soul, the identity that will remain. Ya feel me??

Anywho, this decision entailed a few purchases, but my love for shopping and Spain’s beautifully low prices made this a pleasure. I contemplated bringing running shoes to Spain, but my hot pink Nikes didn’t end up making the cut. Instead, I opted for a comfy pair of lavender sneaks ($30) from some European sports brand. I also invested in another sweatshirt, but it’s usually about 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, so luckily I don’t need heavier layers!! I’ve run three times this week, and have been enjoying the hell out of it. There is a river that runs through Alcala just south of my street, and there are endless trails and mountain paths to explore.

The first time that I ran I kind of stuck to the river, but the second time I went in the opposite direction and found a super cool deserted building to explore, and then a few minutes later a recreational park. When I went in the park, I saw an older man walking with a walking stick up a peak and decided to follow him. He ended up helping me up to the top, and offering to take a picture for me. He told me that he goes there almost every day to hike, explore, and collect herbs. I found out, too, that he once hosted a foreign exchange student from Michigan!! It was very cool. On my third run I ran closer to home, through neighborhoods and then back along the river. Running has made this week alone pretty exciting, so I’m pumped to see what other adventures ensue for the rest of the semester!!


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