I’m on my way home from a day spent in rainy (for once) Madrid, thanking God for where I’m at right now.

We caught a train early this morning to attend a discussion about the crisis in Syria, and Spain’s role in aiding the people there. There were a few very influential organizations who sent representatives and spoke on what they do and how Spain is supporting them in their efforts to uplift the Syrian people. The testimonies and facts that were shared were appalling, but I am so glad I was able to hear them. One of the representatives said that it is our responsibility not only to know about what is going on but to spread awareness. If we desire to help, this is the best way. I left feeling educated and inspired, along with very blessed that I don’t face the struggles that they do in Syria.

Later in the day, Kelsey and I went to see La La Land. The predicament between Ryan and Emma reminded me of my love and I. Life just kind of seems to want us in different places, but we love each other and we’re going to work at it until it doesn’t work anymore. Until then, I’m lucky to have him, that pain in the ass of mine.

He’s going to a Kesha concert back home tonight and I am proud to say that I talked him into it. I convinced AJ to splurge on Kesha because it’s what I would have done. I’ve always been very willing to spend money on experiences, and think I always will be. I’ve never regretted paying for memories. I definitely think I get this from my mom. She’s always carried the motto “I’ll buy the boat,” such to say that “this money will be useless when I’m gone, and so if I can buy something to serve a purpose or make someone happy, I’m going to do it.” However, I do think that I also know when it’s sensible to save money and I generally am very thoughtful in this manner. I always have these weird moments where I realize that even though it sucks that my parents’ personalities were no where near compatible, if they had been any different I would be different too. My dad is ruthlessly stingy, and always taught us to take care of our responsibilities first. This drove mom crazy, and more than likely contributed to their divorce. Although, their values and qualities influenced me equally, and I’ve come to be quite proud of my ability to choose when to save and when to splurge. Having realizations such as this affirms my confidence that everything is meant to be, and works strictly according to God’s plan. He is so good!!

And finally, I’m writing this on a train in Madrid, Spain. This is my LIFE. THANK YOU JESUS!!


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