asi es la vida

Sitting on my bed here in Spain, looking out my balcony doors. The sky is ombre blue and there is not a cloud to be seen. People walk their dogs and push their grocery carts, and I watch them as I jam to whatever song comes to mind. I’ve got papers to write, assignments to complete, but they cannot put a damper on my mood. I think of my time here, and of the adventures ahead of me. I’m so excited to get home and see my family, and I know that I will have an incredible time celebrating my return in Bowling Green. And then I will depart again and head to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I will spend the summer sweating and subtracting on a research team. Louisiana will be quite the adventure as well, and when I return it won’t be long until I move into my first big girl apartment. I HAVE SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO, and yet I wish time would stop right here. Spain is incredible, and the thought of leaving is petrifying. My days on this bed, looking out this window, are oh so numbered. I’ve still got gelato to eat, boys to kiss, and sunsets to capture. I’ve still got Italy to see, and unfortunately final exams to complete. I am so happy right here, and perpetually astounded by how good my God is. However, that is no surprise. Such is God, such is life.


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